Center for Strategic Research

Aleksei Kudrin

Chairman of the Board

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The Center for Strategic Research is a Moscow-based think tank with a focus on economic and social policy. CSR builds on a wide network of experts in government, academia and NGOs to offer comprehensive solutions for public policy. A rigorous process of consulting with key stakeholders in a particular area of research has allowed the Center to become one of the premier providers of strategizing services to the federal, regional and local governments. We seek to contribute our expertise and intellectual effort to all key initiatives that aim to propel Russia towards sustainable, equitable and long-term economic growth.


Phone:+7 (495) 725-78-06, +7 (495) 725-78-50
Fax:+7 (495) 725-78-14


Address:3-5 bld. 1, Gazetny Lane,
Moscow, Russia, 125993
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